Jennifer McKay


Jennifer completed her Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy at Queen’s University in Kingston (2004).  She went on to complete her Intermediate Manual Therapy Degree (2007) and her Advanced Manual Therapy Degree (2009). Jennifer has completed two levels of acupuncture through AFCI.  In 2007, Jennifer completed her training in Gunn Intramuscular Stimulation for neuropathic conditions.  In the spring of 2011, Jennifer started her Women’s Health training, with a focus on pelvic floor conditions. By 2016 she had completed her final level in the Uro Santé Women’s Health training.   As an adjunct to her education with Uro Santé, Jennifer completed Level 1 in the Bellies Inc training for optimal pelvic health.  Her clinical areas of interest include the foot/ankle, the sacro-iliac joint and the pelvic floor.

Jennifer has been treating in Guelph for ten years.